Founded in 2017, Purrfection Catz Grooming Academy is one of the leading cat grooming academy in Malaysia. We have trained thousands of students across Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, India and also Egypt.  

We focus on the overall understanding of cat's grooming, from cat temperament, behaviour & psychology, handling technique, skin & fur, understanding of products & tools, hygiene, pet medic and last but not least, business management on pet shops' operation and licensing. 

By working hands-on with pets, we deliver innovative high-level content, that improve pets owners' understanding of their own lovely pets. Furthermore, we support our students in developing their entrepreneurship interest by train and help them understanding how pet shop or pet salon on the operation and licensing. Our Professional Training division offers a diverse and extensive range of training solutions covering both highly technical and business management training. 

All out syllabus and modules have been recognized by KLTVET, accredited by the European Education Board (EEB) and validated by Alzette University, Paris.

Purrfection Catz Grooming Academy holds broader interests in client engagement, bringing the incredibly emotive power of into pets business industries.